Grow your wealth with passive investments in Trucking Automation

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Monthly returns




Profit from scaling trucking fleets

See real results

See real results

We build and scale FBA wholesale stores for our clients by helping automate all inventory management tasks from account health monitoring to 24/7 customer service. Expect 15-40% monthly profit returns and scale up to 6 figures.

E-commerce Automation Services

FB Marketplace

Our team automates your FB through various e-commerce product placement strategies.

AMZ wholesale

Own a fully managed FBA store. This model has higher margins than drop-shipping and allows us to purchase products to resell on AMZ from our various distributors. 

Inventory management

Every client gets assigned their own personal account manager and operations manager.

Product research

Our various softwares allow us to continually list top-notch products with high profit margins.


Our team makes sure refunds and returns never affect account reputation and profits.

Profit/revenue reports

Generate extremely transparent reports allowing you to monitor your business with a brief look.

Customer service

PhoenixEcom has employees on staff 24/7 answering all your questions and concerns.

Account health

Our experts ensure accounts never go into the negative. We even work with best AMZ and FB lawyers to protect your account at all costs.